The K Hotel Partners with “Nasmaakum”

The K Hotel announces the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the innovative sign language mobile application, Nasmaakum. Developed by Invita, a leading provider of customer service solutions, Nasmaakum is tailored specifically for individuals with hearing and speech impairments, aimed at breaking down communication barriers and enabling them to interact seamlessly with service providers across various sectors.

Acknowledging the distinct needs and challenges faced by individuals with hearing and speech impairments, The K Hotel is committed to bridging the accessibility gap and providing inclusive services to its guests. This strategic partnership not only reinforces The K Hotel’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the guest experience but also exemplifies its unwavering support for the community and individuals with disabilities. As the first hotel in the Kingdom of Bahrain to offer such services, The K Hotel sets a new standard for inclusivity in the hospitality industry.

The Nasmaakum application facilitates effective communication for guests with speech and hearing impairments encompassing essential aspects. This pioneering solution ensures that every guest can effortlessly access and relish the hotel’s services in a straightforward and accessible manner. By introducing Nasmaakum, The K Hotel strives to create an environment of inclusivity where all guests feel valued and comprehended.

On this occasion, Hussain Al Samahiji, General Manager of The K Hotel, stated: “As the first hotel to collaborate with Nasmaakum, we are thrilled to introduce this innovative application. It reinforces our unwavering commitment to delivering accessible services and enduring assistance to individuals with impairments. This partnership allows us to enhance our capabilities and provide exceptional and inclusive experiences to our valued guests.”

Rahul Bhalla, Chief Executive of Invita, said: “The MoU with The K Hotel emphasizes that Nasmaakum services are needed by businesses who value their customers and will help in building true service excellence. We truly hope that Nasmaakum would help The K Hotel create delightful experiences for customers who prefer sign language.”

The K Hotel’s partnership with Nasmaakum exemplifies its unwavering dedication to providing exceptional services to all guests, ensuring that every individual feels welcome and supported. By harnessing the power of this innovative mobile application, The K Hotel takes a significant stride towards creating a more inclusive and accessible environment for individuals with impairments.